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Transforming Your Spaces with Skill and Passion

Welcome to Schneider Painting, where we don’t just paint homes; we transform them. As the leading choice for interior and exterior painting in Northwest Arkansas, we have proudly set the gold standard in our industry.

A New Coat Makes All The Difference

Protect your home while showing off your true colors

Upgrade Your Curb Appeal

Schneider Painting: NWA's Neighborhood House Painters

Our commitment goes beyond applying a fresh coat of paint to a room in your house.

We revitalize spaces and infuse them with new life and a vibrant appearance. With years of expertise and a keen eye for detail, our team brings a blend of quality craftsmanship, dedication, and passion to every project.

When you choose us, you’re not merely hiring a painting company. You’re partnering with house painters who view their work as a fine craft. Step into a world where your home’s potential is fully realized. Let us ensure that every corner of your home resonates with beauty and personality. Contact us today to discover the Schneider difference.

With Schneider Painting, every brushstroke is applied with precision. We ensure that your painting results look spectacular and stand the test of time. Begin your transformative journey today and witness how a little color can make a drastic difference inside your home. Call us to schedule a consultation.

Where Color Meets Elegance

Professional Interior Painting for Residential Homes

In the world of home improvement, painting is one transformation that speaks volumes. At Schneider Painting, our comprehensive painting services stand at the intersection of color and elegance. We work hard to ensure that each brushstroke brings out the finest in your living spaces, from cabinet painting to total home makeovers.

Our process is thorough and tailored to meet the unique needs of every room:

Consultation and Color Selection

Our initial step is to understand your vision. We offer expert advice and can provide color swatches that help you pinpoint the perfect shade. Our goal is always to deliver a result that complements your existing decor.

Surface Preparation

A flawless paint job starts with an impeccable surface. We meticulously clean, sand, and prime the walls to ensure smooth coverage.

Precision Painting

We apply the chosen paint with expert technique, ensuring uniform coverage and a clean finish. Our painters use premium quality paints that promise longevity and luster.

Cleanup and Final Inspection

Our commitment doesn’t end when the paint dries. Our house painters clean up post-completion and walk through the transformed space to ensure your total satisfaction.

We offer a full range of painting services to cover all spaces of your home, from intimate bedrooms and bustling kitchens to cozy living rooms and elegant dining areas. Whether you’re looking for a dramatic makeover, a subtle change, or a touch of contemporary chic, we’ll craft an ambiance where color truly meets elegant results.

Experience the transformation of your interior with the brushstrokes of our expert team. Contact us today to discuss your project.

Residential Cabinet Painter

Revive Your Interior with Expert Cabinet Painting

When it comes to interior design, subtle changes often make the most significant impact.

One of the most effective yet overlooked ways to give your home a fresh and contemporary look is to paint your cabinets. At Schneider Painting, we believe cabinets are often the focal point of kitchens and bathrooms. And they deserve special attention.

With Schneider Painting, every brushstroke is applied with precision. We ensure that your cabinet painting results look spectacular and stand the test of time. Begin your transformative journey today and witness how a little color can make a drastic difference inside your home. Call us to schedule a consultation.

Painting your cabinets with our interior painting services offers a plethora of benefits:

Cost-Efficient Makeover

Compared to a total cabinet replacement, painting is an affordable way to give your cabinet a brand-new look without breaking the bank.

Quick Transformation

Cabinet painting is a swift process. It allows you to enjoy your renewed space in no time, minimizing the disruption to your daily life.


A professional paint job can extend the life of your cabinets, safeguarding them from moisture, scratches, and everyday wear and tear.


With an array of colors and finishes available, you can choose a shade that complements your home’s decor, whether you’re looking for a matte finish, a glossy sheen, or anything in between.

Increased Home Value

Aesthetically pleasing and well-maintained cabinets can enhance your property’s market value, making it an appealing prospect for potential buyers.

Expert Services

Residential Exterior Painting for Lasting Impressions

Here are the benefits of our expert painting services for your home's exterior:

First impressions matter. When someone approaches your home, its exterior speaks volumes about the care and attention you’ve invested in your property. We understand this at Schneider Painting and offer unparalleled residential painting services for the exterior of your home. From exterior brick painting to entire surface remodels, our services are designed to elevate the look of your home and ensure it lasts through the years.

Our experts examine the surface for any damages or issues before painting. This proactive approach often helps spot potential problems before they escalate, saving you on future repair costs.

We are committed to the environment. Our paints are low in VOCs whenever possible.

A fresh coat of paint can dramatically enhance the beauty of your home, making it stand out and increasing its market value.

Quality exterior paint is a barrier against harmful UV rays, rain, sleet, and snow. It protects your home from wear and tear, ensuring its longevity.

Our years of experience have taught us the nuances of painting the exterior of your residential property.

We understand the region’s climate and select paints and methods that provide lasting results. From deck staining to freshly painted wall materials, you’re not just investing in aesthetics. You’ll get durable results that are a statement of elegance and enduring quality. Contact our team to schedule a free consultation.

Whitewash Services

Elevate Your Home’s Exterior with Affordable Exterior Brick Painting

At Schneider Painting, we offer an array of exterior painting services, from fence staining to brick makeovers.

Painting your exterior bricks goes beyond adding color to your home. Our comprehensive services rejuvenate your property, enhancing curb appeal and securing longevity.

With today’s advancements in painting technology and technique, homeowners now have the luxury of choosing services that won’t burn a hole in their pockets. At Schneider, we strive to offer affordable options that also promise unmatched quality and durability.

sam whitewashing

At the core of our services is the commitment to use products that resist the adverse effects of weather, UV rays, and time.

The investment is not just in the appearance but also in protecting your home from the elements. As homeowners seek options that combine aesthetics with functionality, our brick painting services offer a blend of both, allowing your property to truly stand out.

Beyond the regular paint, there’s the timeless art of whitewashing brick. It’s more than a trend. It’s a nod to both tradition and modern appeal. It delivers a serene, rustic look while maintaining your brick’s strength. Our brick painting and whitewashing services are your ticket to a home exterior that radiates class without breaking the back. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Deck Staining
Deck Staining
Deck Staining

Deck Staining

Enhance The Beauty of Your Outdoor Spaces and Provide Superior Protection with Our Deck Staining Services

Every outdoor deck is exposed to the relentless challenges of nature, from the scorching sun to chilling winter frost.

At Schneider Painting, we recognize these challenges. Our deck painting and staining services ensure longevity, beauty, and uncompromised quality. Backed by years of professional expertise, we transform dull and weathered decks into vibrant, resilient outdoor spaces perfect for leisure and gatherings.

With the right stain, we penetrate deep into the wood’s pores, sealing it against moisture, mold, and harmful UV rays. This doesn’t just accentuate the wood’s natural grain. It also dramatically reduces the risk of warping, cracking, and other common wood deterioration. The added layer from our staining services acts as a shield, ensuring your deck remains resistant to the tests of time and weather elements.

Additionally, the aesthetic boost from our expertly-applied stains elevates the overall ambiance of your outdoor space. Schneider Painting is more than just in the business of staining decks. We’re in the art of enhancing residential properties. Choose us for a fusion of durability and aesthetic appeal with your deck staining services.

Look Fresh

Refresh Your Home’s Backyard Appeal with our Fence Staining Services

Schneider Painting is proud to offer comprehensive services homeowners need to keep their house looking fresh, from interior painting to fences and everything in between.

Your fence is the first line of defense against intruders, weather, and time. It offers a visual component to your home’s architecture, enhancing its curb appeal.

At Schneider Painting, we understand fences’ dual role in aesthetics and functionality. That’s why we offer top-tier painting services that marry durability with beauty.

To provide the best results, our expert team prepares the fence with a thorough cleaning, followed by an even application of the chosen stain. This meticulous approach guarantees a finish that’s both striking and long-lasting.

Here’s how our staining can benefit your property:

Our high-quality stains protect against the harmful effects of UV rays, rain, and pests. They seal the wood, preventing rot, warping, and premature aging.

Stains enrich wood’s natural grain and texture, bringing out its inherent beauty. We offer a range of shades, from transparent to solid, that can match any home’s aesthetic.

A well-maintained fence can boost your property’s value. By staining your fence, you’re not only preserving its life. You’re making a wise investment for the future.

Our stains are eco-friendly, ensuring minimal harm to the surrounding environment, especially garden plants and pets.

Opt for Schneider Painting’s reliable fence staining service and give your fence the treatment it deserves to ensure it stands tall for years to come. Call today to get started.

Precision & Skill

Comprehensive Fence and Deck Painting Services from Prep to That Perfect Finish

Deck and fence painting sets the tone for your property’s exterior. When it comes to decking, a meticulous approach is paramount to ensure longevity and visual appeal. At Schneider Painting, we’ve mastered the art and science of exterior paint, providing a comprehensive service that takes your deck from drab to fab.

Our process begins with a thorough preparation phase. We clean and sand your deck to create the perfect canvas, ensuring all surfaces are free from dirt, mildew, and old paint buildup that could compromise the finish. Once prepped, our professionals apply a variety of stain and color options to enhance the deck’s material. 

Premium Quality

Then comes the magic–the application of your paint. We use only premium-quality paints that can stand up to foot traffic, weather changes, and the challenges of outdoor environments. Our painters ensure even coverage, smooth finishes, and a color that enhances the beauty of your outdoor space.

With Schneider Painting, you’re not just getting a fresh coat of paint. You’re investing in expertise and craftsmanship that ensures your deck painting lasts for years to come. Call today to discuss your project.

Fence and Deck Painting

Transform Your Fence Today

Book Our Fence Painting or Staining Services

While providing security, a fence also sets the first impression of your home. Over time, exposure to the elements can take its toll on its appearance. With Schneider Painting, our team can breathe new life into your fence. Our exterior painting services use top-of-the-line materials and skilled craftsmanship to ensure your home looks refreshed and stands tall.

We understand the nuances of painting fences, ensuring each board, post, and rail is treated with the care it needs to last. Choosing our services means investing in your property’s aesthetic and functional value. We prioritize your vision, providing lasting results that align seamlessly with your home’s existing décor.

Ready to Revitalize Your Fence?

We’re committed to turning your dreams into vibrant realities at Schneider Painting. Don’t let time rob your fence of its beauty. Contact us today and let our experts elevate your home’s exterior with quality and affordable fencing painting services. Whether a minor touch-up or a complete transformation, we’re here to meet all your residential painting needs. Call us to work with a friendly and capable team member to schedule your free consultation.

Our 1 Year Quality Craftsmanship Warranty

We don’t just guarantee quality work, we warranty our work. We Insure our work so your can ensure your peace of mind.

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